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Compassionate, experienced orthopedic surgeons nearby

We are a group of world-class orthopedic surgeons who’ve successfully treated tens of thousands of people. Our goal is to help you lead a fuller, more active life. With leading-edge technology and decades of experience, the Kennedy Center’s highly specialized orthopedic surgeons are committed to treating your joint problems or injury.

Our board certified team of surgical and non-surgical physicians excels in hip surgery, knee surgery and general orthopedics. We serve patients in Oshkosh, Appleton, Fond du Lac, and the surrounding areas of northeast Wisconsin.

As specialists in orthopedic surgery, we treat an array of issues affecting your hip, knee and wrist joints, as well as torn ACLs and associated tendons and ligaments. Schedule a consultation with us today to see how we can help you.

The most experienced orthopedic surgeons in Northeast Wisconsin

With more than 35 years of experience, the Kennedy Center is nationally recognized as one of the best orthopedic centers in the country. Our orthopedic surgeons are recognized for their innovative procedures and outstanding patient results.

In fact, Dr. William Kennedy designed and Dr. Jeffrey McLaughlin modified the most successful titanium hip implant in the world. The Taperloc femoral hip component has a success rate of  over 98% and did not loosen over a 28-year period, no matter the patient’s age, weight or activity level.   

Our affiliation with Ascension Mercy Hospital ensures you are treated in modern, state-of-the-art facilities.  From the on-site X-ray suite to specialized operating rooms to dedicated orthopedic patient floors, Ascension Mercy provides the quality facilities you deserve. The Kennedy Center and Ascension Mercy Hospital consistently rank as one of Wisconsin’s best medical facilities for hip and knee replacement.

Whether you need hip, knee, hand or other orthopedic care, the Kennedy Center’s skillful surgeons are here to help. 

Meet our doctors

Jeffrey McLaughlin, MD 

Medical Director, Orthopedic Surgeon
Total Hip Replacements, Total and Partial Knee Replacement, Nonsurgical Joint Procedures



Dr David Bingham Hip and Knee Replacement OshkoshDavid M. Bingham, DO

Orthopedic Surgeon
Total Hip Replacements, Total and Partial Knee Replacements, and General Orthopedics


Jessica Bielmeier, APNPJessica Bielmeier, APNP

Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner
Supports Surgeons in Hip Surgery and Replacement, Knee Surgery


When to see an orthopedic surgeon

The following are a few key signs that it’s time to see an orthopedic surgeon

What to expect at your first appointment

When you first see your orthopedic surgeon, they’ll discuss your symptoms, medical history, family history, daily activities and more to help identify what may be causing your symptoms. They may also perform physical tests, order X-rays, an MRI or other diagnostic tests.  Finally, they’ll discuss treatment options with you.

You may be hesitant about scheduling an appointment with a nearby orthopedic surgeon because you don’t want surgery. However, our orthopedic surgeons only recommend surgery if they believe it’s the best treatment path for you. Sometimes surgery or a joint replacement isn’t necessary and initial treatment may involve steroid injections or other non-surgical treatments. 

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