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Do your knees hurt when you:

Icon for Walk down stairs?
Walk down stairs?
Icon for Stand for more than 15 minutes?
Stand for more than 15 minutes?
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Walk short Distances?
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Sleep on your side?

Don't let knee pain slow you down. See our world-class knee surgeons.

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If knee pain affects your daily life, you may be a candidate for knee surgery. For more than 30 years, the Kennedy Center has provided a wide variety of life-changing surgical knee options.

Surgical and
Non-surgical Options
You don't have to live with knee pain, especially with the range of surgical options available. The Kennedy Center's knee surgeons are specialists in all types of knee arthroplasty and repair, including but not limited to:
Knee replacements that
can last 20-30 years

The Kennedy Center is nationally recognized as a leader in total knee replacement surgery. Over 95% of the titanium implants used by our knee specialists are still going strong after 20 years. With new and improved bearing surfaces, these knee replacements should last 20-30 years.

I stand on my feet 8-10 hours a day cooking at a popular Appleton restaurant. When my knee pain got so bad that I couldn't work, I knew it was time to see Dr. McLaughlin. His reputation and skill made it an easy choice for me. He's the absolute best. Now I'm working without pain and enjoying my life again.
- Larry, Satisfied knee patient

Our knee specialists provde long-term results