Multiple Ligament Reconstruction

The Kennedy Center leads the way in less invasive procedures

What is Multiple Ligament Injury?

The knee is made up of four main ligaments that stabilize the knee for walking, pivoting or changing direction. These include the anterior and posterior cruciate, medial collateral and lateral collateral ligaments.

When more than one of these ligaments is injured, it is known as multiple ligament injury. This typically occurs when there is a major trauma to the knee during a car crash or a fall from a height, as well as injury during sports participation.

Arthroscopic Multiple Ligament Reconstruction

Patients typically complain of severe pain and knee instability that restricts their daily activities. Multiple ligament injury requires reconstructive surgery on the knee. At the Kennedy Center, our surgeons will reconstruct the ligaments using arthroscopic surgery along with open techniques, which minimizes trauma to the body to shorten recovery time.