Knees are Meant for Moving

The Kennedy Center for the Hip and Knee is a nationally and internationally recognized leader in repairing arthritic and injured knees. We offer tailored solutions to address knee injuries and pain caused by arthritis to get you back to your active life.

“Knee pain forced me to be inactive for so many years, but now I feel like I have a new life!” – Vicki

Total Knee Replacement

Over the years, the Kennedy Center has continually introduced new and improved procedures for knee replacement surgery including smaller, less invasive surgeries.

A nationally recognized researcher and knee replacement surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey McLaughlin has proven long-term results using titanium total knee replacements with over 95% of total knees still going strong after 16 years — often lasting 20 to 30 years.

With new and improved bearing surfaces, the titanium implants used by the orthopedic surgeons at the Kennedy Center have been successful with any type of patient — young, old, highly active, and those who are overweight.

Go home with your new knee the same day

The Kennedy Center at Ascension Mercy Hospital uses the same dedicated surgical suites and surgical teams for both our inpatient and outpatient surgeries. This means a safer environment and a more experienced medical staff for your surgery. By using techniques that preserve muscles and manage pain, healthy patients with a good support system have the option to recover in the comfort of their home the same day after a total knee replacement.

If staying overnight is a more comfortable approach, Ascension Mercy Hospital is the right place. Rated a 5-star by the American Hospital Association, they offer the highest level of care available. We’re proud to partner with them to provide excellent care to every patient.

Oxford® and Prelude Partial® Knee Replacement

Partial knee replacement is a minimally invasive procedure that replaces only one side of the knee joint. It allows our surgeons to preserve healthy bone, cartilage, and ligaments. It also can prevent or delay the need for a total knee replacement.

A partial knee replacement using the Oxford® or Prelude® knee systems is designed for younger people with osteoarthritis or bone or tissue deterioration. Often these patients require a knee replacement but are too young or too active to be candidates for a total knee replacement. This procedure is also appropriate for older people who have a single area of the knee that is arthritic.

Patients typically go home the same day, have less blood loss during surgery, experience less pain, and most patients can return to work or recreational activities faster.

Arthroscopic Meniscus Surgery and Repair

If you have a torn meniscus, arthroscopic surgery is typically recommended to remove or repair the torn cartilage. The surgeon will remove the torn tissue and save the healthy meniscus and then will sew the healthy tissue together to allow it to heal. Meniscus surgery and repair is an outpatient procedure and patients can return to the comfort of their home the same day.

The meniscus is cartilage that cushions the space between the thigh bone and the shin. It acts as a shock absorber, lubricates the knee joint, and helps balance weight evenly across the knee.

Meniscus tears typically result from injury, often during athletic activities, or due to natural aging with cartilage becoming brittle and degenerating.

Knee Resurfacing

Leading the way in innovative technology, the Kennedy Center offers minimally invasive knee resurfacing designed specifically for younger, active people with early-stage osteoarthritis.

Knee resurfacing addresses only the damaged part of a patient’s knee and is far less invasive and expensive than traditional knee replacement surgery. It preserves bone and cartilage so it will not “burn a bridge” should additional surgery be required years later.

“Within a month of surgery, I was walking without a limp and was bowling within the year. Today, I’m bowling better than ever.” – Rich

Patellofemoral Resurfacing

The Patellofemoral Knee Resurfacing procedure resurfaces the worn patella (kneecap) and the trochlea (the groove at the bottom of the thigh bone) to reduce or alleviate arthritis pain. The surgery is best for patients with patellofemoral joint arthritis who are too young or too active for a total knee replacement.

The benefits of this procedure include reducing trauma to healthy bone and tissue during surgery, smaller incisions, minimal blood loss and less post-operative pain than in a total knee replacement. The patellofemoral implant is much smaller than a total knee implant and does not interfere with the surrounding healthy knee structure.

Anterior Cruciateligament (ACL) Tear

The ACL is an important ligament necessary to keep your knee stable. We often hear about ACL tears in athletes. But injuries requiring ACL surgery or ACL repair can happen to any active person with common accidents like falling off a ladder, tripping down stairs, or being in an automobile accident.

When you injure your ACL, you’ll typically hear or feel a pop and experience swelling and pain. With a comprehensive evaluation and MRI, the doctors at the Kennedy Center can assess your situation to determine if an ACL repair is necessary.

In ACL reconstruction, a tendon is taken from another part of your body, or a donor graft is used, to replace your torn ACL and restore knee stability. In most cases, it is done using arthroscopic surgery which minimizes trauma and shortens recovery time.

Pain Management After Knee Surgery

The Kennedy Center’s pain management program is a significant feature for patient comfort during recovery. The Kennedy Center surgeons, working with the pain management specialists at Ascension Mercy Hospital, have developed sophisticated pain control programs tailored to each patient. Our goal is a faster, more comfortable recovery with less pain.

The Kennedy Center leads the way in less invasive surgeries.

At the Kennedy Center for the Hip and Knee, our orthopedic surgeons have the experience to evaluate your medical condition and develop a plan of care tailored to you and your lifestyle.

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