Total Hip Replacement

Titanium—The Gold Standard in Hip Replacement

The Kennedy Center for the Hip and Knee is an international leader in titanium total hip replacements. The Taperloc femoral component, designed by Dr. William Kennedy in 1982 and modified by Dr. Jeffrey McLaughlin in 1993, is the most successful titanium hip in the world.

At 26 years, less than 1% of these amazing implants have loosened. Titanium is a flexible material that bends without breaking and stimulates bone growth surrounding the implant. Your bone actually grows into the implant fixing it rigidly to your hip. These implants are a major reason for the Center’s remarkable success.

Jeffrey McLaughlin, MD, is an Internationally Recognized Surgeon and Researcher

In 2010, Dr. Jeffrey McLaughlin won the Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation’s Current Concepts in Joint Replacement Clinical Paper Award for his research. He presented the Kennedy Center’s 26-year experience with the Taperloc Titanium stem. With loosening as the statistical endpoint, 99% of these implants survived for 26 years. These results included diverse patient groups including young, old, highly active and overweight patients.

Dr. McLaughlin has presented these results at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the Japanese Hip Society, The Harvard Hip Symposium and the European Hip Society. He has personally performed over 15,000 total joint replacements, twice as many as any other orthopedic surgeon in Wisconsin.