Leaders in Hip Replacement

For more than 40 years, the Kennedy Center has been a leader in providing innovative, state-of-the-art hip replacement care to our patients. Under the leadership and medical direction of Jeffrey McLaughlin, MD, the Kennedy Center has grown to be one of the largest hip replacement centers in Wisconsin.

As an independent orthopedic practice, the Kennedy Center partners with Ascension Mercy Hospital in Oshkosh. We work closely with local primary care physicians, referring orthopedic surgeons, as well as physical therapists to coordinate comprehensive and tailored patient care plans for their hip replacements.

Hip Replacement Innovation

Titanium –The Best in Hip Replacement

The Kennedy Center for the Hip and Knee is an international leader in titanium total hip replacements. The Taperloc femoral component, designed by Dr. William Kennedy in 1982 and modified by Dr. Jeffrey McLaughlin in 1993, is the most successful titanium hip in the world.

At 29 years, less than 1% of these amazing implants have loosened. Titanium is a flexible material that bends without breaking and stimulates bone growth surrounding the implant. Your bone actually grows into the implant, fixing it rigidly to your hip. Our Titanium implants are a major reason for the Kennedy Center’s remarkable success.

Anterior Hip Replacement

The anterior approach hip replacement is a minimally invasive technique designed to preserve muscle and reduce trauma to the surrounding tissue. The principal advantage of an anterior hip replacement is less restrictions following surgery. Some patients report less pain and a quicker recovery. This approach may not be appropriate for some very muscular or heavy patients.

The anterior approach hip replacement was first described by Dr. Smith-Peterson at Harvard’s Massachusetts Hospital in 1924. Dr. McLaughlin trained at Harvard and has used this minimally invasive hip replacement in selected patients since he started practicing in 1993.

Due to improvements in surgical techniques and instrumentation, he now uses the anterior hip replacement surgery for the majority of his patients undergoing total hip replacements.

Same Day Hip Replacement

The Kennedy Center surgeons utilize muscle-preserving techniques and an advanced pain management program.Healthy patients with a good support system are offered the option of recovering in the comfort of their own home the same day after a total hip replacement.

This is exciting news for many patients. We’re confident that healthy patients receive the finest care because the Kennedy Center uses the same dedicated surgical suites and surgical teams for both our inpatient and outpatient joint replacements. This means a safer environment for your surgery.

“Every patient is special and important to me,” explains Dr. McLaughlin. “Our medical team will design the best treatment option possible for each person.”

For those patients who will rest more comfortably and safely overnight in the hospital, Ascension Mercy Hospital is a 5-star hospital as rated by the American Hospital Association. They offer the highest level of care available and we’re proud to partner with them in providing excellent care to every patient.

Today, people as young as 40 are receiving hip replacements. Learn more about why now’s the time to reduce pain with a life-changing hip procedure.

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