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Our highly trained surgeons consistently provide professional and compassionate care to every patient we treat. Dr. Jeffrey McLaughlin’s philosophy guides the practice—surround yourself with excellence and treat every patient as if they were family.

Photo of Jeffrey McLaughlin, MD

Jeffrey McLaughlin, MD

Medical Director, Hip & Knee Replacement and Hip & Knee Resurfacing

Dr. Jeffrey McLaughlin is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in partial and total hip and knee replacement surgery, as well as hip and knee resurfacing.

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Photo of Davis Tsai, MD

Davis Tsai, MD

Knee Replacement, Knee Resurfacing, Sports Medicine, Shoulder and General Orthopedics

Dr. Davis Tsai is a board-certified orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon who specializes in shoulder and upper extremity surgery, sports medicine, knee repair and general orthopedics.

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Photo of Kenneth Schaufelberger, MD

Kenneth Schaufelberger, MD

Hands, Elbows and Upper Extremities Including Shoulders, Sports Medicine and General Orthopedics

Dr. Schaufelberger is a board-certified orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon who specializes in hands, elbows and upper extremities including shoulders, sports medicine and general orthopedics.

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Photo of David M. Bingham, DO

David M. Bingham, DO

Total Hip Replacements, Total Knee Replacements, & General Orthopedics

Dr. David Bingham is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. He has practiced general orthopedics, with an emphasis in hip and knee reconstruction since completing his orthopedic fellowship.

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