Titanium: The best total hip replacement that lasts for decades

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Our hips are involved in nearly everything we do. Walking, getting into the car, bending over to pick something up—our hip health is important to our quality of life. If your hip pain is making it hard to sleep, walk and perform other activities, you’re not alone.

Around 76 million people in the United States experience hip pain. If everyday tasks are difficult and you can’t enjoy life like you want to because of hip pain, it may be time to consider a hip replacement. 

Did you know that some hip replacements are superior to others? The best hip replacement is one that remains strong and intact for decades. The Taperloc femoral hip replacement is one of the best hip replacements used in the world – for any age and activity level. As the most successful titanium hip, the Taperloc femoral component has proven to stay firmly attached even after 28 years, allowing countless people to live life on their terms. Whether you’re considering a traditional hip replacement or an anterior hip replacement, the Taperloc system is the gold standard.

What makes titanium hips the best 

Most hip replacement pieces are constructed of some sort of combination of metal, ceramic or plastic. These materials are rigid. However, titanium is flexible and can bend without breaking. Titanium also stimulates bone growth surrounding the replacement, which means your bone actually grows into the implant. This causes your titanium hip replacement to rigidly fix to your hip bone, resulting in a longer-lasting hip.

How long titanium hips last

According to the Cleveland Health Clinic, most hip replacements likely last about 10-15 years, but with the latest technology, that number could be higher.

However, the Kennedy Center’s titanium hip replacement has a proven record of lasting far longer than 10-15 years. After 28 years, 98% of our titanium hip replacements have remained strong and intact, allowing our patients to continue living their best life long into the future. These results include all different types of patients, including patients who are younger or older, as well as those who are highly active or overweight.

Best hip replacement for younger patients

In the past, hip replacements were only recommended for people 65 and older. This was because most hip replacements wouldn’t last very long and would have to be replaced within 10 years. However, with a titanium hip proven to remain in place even after 28 years, titanium hips have the best hip replacement results for younger patients. If your hip pain is so severe that you’re restricted from doing simple activities, like walking up steps or bending over, your best option may be a titanium hip replacement. Talk to us today about scheduling an appointment to discuss your symptoms and options. 

Meet the surgeon behind titanium hips 

An internationally-recognized surgeon and researcher, Jeffrey McLaughlin, M.D., knew there had to be a way to create stronger, longer-lasting hip replacements. In 1993, Dr. McLaughlin modified the Taperloc femoral component, which was designed in 1982 by the Kennedy Center’s founder, Dr. William Kennedy. 

Now the most successful titanium hip in the world and one of the best hip replacements for posterior and anterior overall, the Taperloc femoral component has allowed thousands of people to enjoy a higher quality of life, even decades after their hip replacement.

After researching and modifying the Taperloc femoral component, Dr. McLaughlin won the Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation’s Current Concepts in Joint Replacement Clinical Paper Award in 2010. 

Dr. McLaughlin has also presented these results at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the Japanese Hip Society, the Harvard Hip Symposium and the European Hip Society. 

As one of the best posterior and anterior hip replacement surgeons, Dr. McLaughlin has performed more than 15,000 total joint replacements, nearly twice as many as any other orthopedic surgeon in Wisconsin. If you’re looking for the best hip replacement surgeons near you, the Kennedy Center surgeons are the most experienced with the best results.

Let’s talk the best anterior hip replacement and traditional hip replacement

For questions about our total hip replacement procedures; how a Taperloc femoral component for either traditional or anterior hips can benefit you and the best hip replacement for your specific situation, contact us today.


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  • Nancy says:

    MoM 2Magnum w/titanium taperloc. Both hips replaced L-2002. R-2003 due to congenital bi-lat dysplasia. Have health issues from metallosis but don’t want revisions as the only means. Every yearly x-ray showing good positioning of implants. My question is what water aerobics are safe now. I’m 64 y/o female & obese. Thanks.

    • The Kennedy Center says:

      Water aerobics are great for hip strength and general health. Just avoid jumping up and down with the class, instead tread water or walk in the pool, but don’t jump.

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