What to expect after an anterior hip replacement

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One woman’s story of how she got back in the saddle again

Meet Karen, a retired nurse who rescues horses. Karen is a patient of Dr. McLaughlin at the Kennedy Center with an inspiring story to share. Throughout her life, Karen has been extremely active and enjoys physical activity and exercise, especially training her horses. When Karen’s hip pain became so excruciating that she was unable to even walk, she knew something needed to be done. 

“Before my surgery, I couldn’t do much of anything,” said Karen. “I couldn’t even walk, I was in so much pain.”

Karen’s story is a testament to what one can expect after an anterior hip replacement and living proof that it’s possible to get back to doing what you love, without pain. Or as Karen would put it, getting back in the saddle.

The Kennedy Center: First step to riding again

The doctors at the Kennedy Center are committed to helping people lead fuller, more active lives. This commitment made Karen feel hopeful that a procedure done by the Kennedy Center would get her back to the life she loves, full of movement and activity. 

As a registered nurse, Karen knew she wanted a surgeon with years of experience and a great reputation. That’s why she chose Dr. McLaughlin. Dr. McLaughlin has been performing anterior hip replacement procedures for over 30 years. Karen was confident that Dr. McLaughlin would be a trustworthy resource for a hip that would last a long time and support her in all of her activities for years to come.

“I’m a really active person and I wanted to make sure that the implant was the best and that the doctor I chose had a good reputation,” said Karen.

Getting back in the saddle with an anterior hip replacement

What is an anterior hip replacement? Why did Dr. McLaughlin recommend this procedure for Karen? First, Karen was an ideal candidate because she was in good physical and medical condition.

The anterior approach hip replacement is a minimally invasive technique designed to preserve muscle and reduce trauma to surrounding tissue. Fewer restrictions following surgery, less pain and a quicker recovery made this procedure a good fit for Karen, who was beyond eager to get back in the saddle as soon as possible.

The proof was in the recovery. “I did not have any pain post-surgical” Karen stated in sharing her story with us, “it was such a relief. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. McLaughlin, the team at the Kennedy Center, the nurses at Mercy and the therapists. They provided seamless, flawless care. ” 

From being unable to walk due to hip pain, to walking out of the hospital without pain, Karen knew immediately that she had chosen the right surgeon, the right procedure and the right hospital.

Only four months after surgery, Karen trailered her horses to the Black Hills in South Dakota and the first day went riding for hours with zero pain.

Is hip pain preventing you from doing what you love?

“I would recommend Dr McLaughlin and the Kennedy Center to anyone.” When Karen describes her experience at the Kennedy Center, she talks about Dr. McLaughlin’s positive and engaging personality. “He knew exactly what needed to be done.  He explained the procedure to me, answered all my questions… and then he helped me be my best self again.”

The Kennedy Center has grown to be the largest hip center in Wisconsin. Our surgeons tailor procedures to each patient’s unique needs and goals. If you’ve been experiencing hip pain that prevents you from living the life you love, it may be time to take action. We’re here to help. Contact us today.

And, where’s Karen now? One year after surgery, she still has no pain and is still riding her horses daily.

“I can do anything I want to do without pain. I lift heavy bags of feed, I fork bales of hay and I can ride my horses for hours and never experience any pain.”

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