5 Benefits of Same Day Joint Replacement

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Thanks to improved surgical methods and modern pain-management techniques, Kennedy Center orthopedic surgeons are now offering a same day joint replacement option for total hip and knee replacement patients.

What exactly does “same day” mean? Similar to an outpatient procedure, patients who have a same day hip or knee replacement are released from the hospital the same day as their procedure.  

This type of surgery is only recommended for healthy patients with a good support system at home. In addition, your care team will keep you overnight in the hospital if you aren’t able to walk after surgery or are experiencing complications. After all, your health and safety is the first priority.

Attention Medicare patients: If you are 65 or older and on Medicare, you are not eligible for same day hip replacement. Medicare regulations mandate that you stay in the hospital overnight and be discharged the next day.

Benefits of Same Day Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeries

If you’re interested in same day hip or knee joint replacement, the following are some of the benefits:

1. Recover in the comfort of your home.  For many, staying in the hospital for several nights isn’t what they would choose.  With a same day knee replacement or same day hip replacement, patients can go home the day of their surgery and recover in the comfort of their own home, sweet home.

But remember: You must have the support at home of a friend or family member to ensure you have all the assistance needed. From getting dressed to prepping meals and driving to appointments, you will need help with many everyday tasks. Also, you may receive additional information, tools and check-ins from your care team to help make at-home recovery go as smooth as possible.

2. Get experienced medical teams and modern, dedicated surgical suites.  All our joint replacement surgeries are done in sophisticated orthopedic surgical suites.  After surgery, patients recover in the recovery room and are then transferred to the orthopedic floor.  Same day joint replacement patients typically go home the evening after their surgery. For patients who need additional care, they will stay overnight in the same room and be cared for by an experienced team of orthopedic nurses. If you have questions, you will always get answers from either your doctor or an orthopedic nurse.

3. Experience the benefits of improved surgical techniques. Same day joint replacement is now available thanks to advances in both surgical techniques and modern technology. These less invasive surgical procedures cause less muscle damage and blood loss which can result in a faster recovery.

4. See greater patient satisfaction. When patients spend more time recovering at home, studies show that they tend to be more satisfied with their overall experience and may even see improved results.

5. Receive less expensive hospital bills. It’s simple. Less time in the hospital generally means less costs for you. Depending on your insurance, this benefit may be a big one!

Have a more comfortable recovery with same day joint replacement.

Talk to your doctor to see if a same day knee or hip replacement surgery is the right one for you. In the meantime, learn more about hip and knee same day replacements on our website.

As always, our team at the Kennedy Center at Ascension Mercy Hospital is ready to discuss the surgical options available to you.

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