Shoulder Pain Treatment: When It’s Time to See an Orthopedic Surgeon

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Living with shoulder pain can be unbearable, making the smallest daily tasks difficult or even impossible. From washing your hair, to sleeping, to reaching into your back pocket, you probably feel your aching shoulder with every move.

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to seek shoulder pain treatment. The sooner your shoulder is examined, the better chance you have for a good recovery. In fact, waiting to see a shoulder surgeon could mean your shoulder problems will get worse and more difficult to repair.

Continue reading to discover the causes of shoulder pain and how to determine when it’s time to visit a shoulder specialist.

Causes of shoulder pain

There are many activities that can trigger shoulder pain. Determining the cause of your pain will help decide the type of treatment you will receive. Here are just a few examples of what could be making your shoulder hurt.

  • Sports like volleyball, swimming and baseball – where your shoulder is used in a repetitive motion – can lead to shoulder problems.
  • Jobs, such as painting, drywalling, plastering, stocking shelves or any other activity where your arms are routinely above your head can lead to shoulder injuries.
  • An injury, such as falling on your shoulder, being in a car accident, landing on an outstretched hand while trying to prevent a fall, can all result in fracturing bones in your shoulder.
  • Finally, aging, degenerative osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can simply wear out your shoulder joints, causing pain.

Signs you need a shoulder specialist

Regardless of the cause, there are some tried and true signs that mean it’s time to see a shoulder specialist. If you’ve experienced any of these indicators of a serious problem, contact us at The Kennedy Center to learn more about relieving your pain.

  1. You experience shoulder pain when lifting arms to do simple things like combing your hair or reaching for items in your cupboard, sleeping, reaching into your back pocket or carrying light items.
  2. Pain continues for several weeks even after rest, ice and over the counter medication, such as ibuprofen.
  3. You’ve tried cortisone or steroid injections and they either didn’t work or no longer have good effects.
  4. Physical therapy is no longer providing adequate pain relief.
  5. Shoulder strength has weakened significantly.
  6. Shoulder pain is making it difficult to live your life.
  7. You experience locking, catching or popping sensations in your shoulder.

Treatment options

If a shoulder surgeon determines that your injury needs treatment, the exact procedure will depend on your type of injury. Learn more about these various shoulder procedures here.

You deserve a life without pain.

Whether it’s persistent shoulder pain when lifting arms or a severe shoulder injury, it’s time to get pain relief and start enjoying your life again. Learn more about the different life-changing shoulder pain treatment options available today.

Do you think it’s time to see an orthopedic surgeon? Contact the Kennedy Center. We’re always happy to listen to your concerns and help develop a treatment plan designed just for you.

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