Patient Story: Kathy Keene

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Kathy Keene's Shoulder ReplacementLast winter, Kathy Keene, WHBY’s host of the “Good Neighbor Show,” fell on black ice and broke her shoulder. Her co-workers rushed her to Urgent Care where she was told that she needed to see an orthopedic surgeon immediately. After several calls to Appleton-area clinics, Kathy was referred to Dr. Tsai at the Kennedy Center in Oshkosh.

Kathy asks, “What happens when you need to see a specialist that friends and family haven’t seen? How do you know which doctor to choose? But when I heard I was going to the Kennedy Center in Oshkosh, I knew I was going to the best place. They have an outstanding reputation and I trusted that they would take good care of me.”

The Kennedy Center staff quickly got Kathy into Dr. Tsai’s schedule, “I knew he was busy, but Dr. Tsai made me feel like I was the only patient he had that day. He explained what happened to my shoulder and recommended that I have reverse shoulder surgery as soon as possible. After explaining my options, I felt comfortable making the decision to have the surgery.

“I left the Kennedy Center feeling better knowing I had the best doctor who was going to perform my surgery.”

The Kennedy Center’s reputation – combined with Dr. Tsai’s patient and detailed explanation – gave Kathy the confidence that she had chosen the right doctor and the right medical team.

Kathy explains the successful surgery isn’t just about the doctor; it’s also about good nursing and support staff. “The importance of good nursing staff is paramount in delivering high quality patient care. I found the nursing staff, housekeeping staff, food service, chaplain services and volunteers at Mercy Ascension to be exceptional. Since I was a patient there three times in five weeks, I became a familiar face and the staff was wonderful to me. They made my stays as comfortable and as enjoyable as any hospital stay could be.”

Kathy Keene’s story is one of faith and trust in the medical care provided by Dr. Tsai and the Kennedy Center. Her shoulder was broken ‘into little pieces,’ and required extensive surgery to repair it. Today, Kathy is back at work hosting her radio program and singing the praises of Dr. Tsai. As Kathy says, “We’re lucky to have one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Wisconsin right here in Oshkosh.  Why would you go anywhere else if you want the best care?”

Listen to Kathy Keene interview Dr. Tsai on the “Good Neighbor Show.”

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