Featured Story: Andy the Kayaker

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Andy works hard and plays hard. His days are spent working as a brick and concrete mason. In his spare time, Andy is a gym rat. And a Tough Mudder. And a biker, a hiker and a kayaker.

Last Fall, Andy was competing in a Tough Mudder event when he felt his shoulder dislocate as he was climbing over a wall. Because he’s committed to his job, Andy went back to his job as a mason on Monday, lifting heavy loads of bricks for hours at a time. After work he kept to his schedule at the gym lifting weights.

Andy struggled for weeks with pain in his shoulder both at work and during his leisure activities. Even during a course of physical therapy, his shoulder continued to dislocate. As a result, he lost confidence in his strength and ability to lift heavy items at work.

That’s when Andy decided to take the next step and work with Dr. Davis Tsai at the Kennedy Center at Mercy in Oshkosh.

After a thorough physical exam and an MRI, Dr. Tsai determined that Andy had a torn labrum that required arthroscopic surgery.

Dr. Tsai routinely does complicated shoulder surgeries using arthroscopy. This technique uses a scope, which he inserts into a small incision to repair the torn labrum. This procedure reduces damage to the surrounding muscle, results in less pain and a quicker return to work.

After outpatient surgery, Andy recovered at home and within days was actively working on his rehab in physical therapy.

Andy credits Dr. Tsai for his post-surgical strength and confidence. “Davis Tsai is the best. He took the time to explain everything involved with my surgery and what I could expect after the surgery. I’d recommend him to anyone. He’s not only an excellent surgeon, but a really great guy. Thanks Dr. Tsai.”

Because he started out in excellent physical shape and also because he was committed to his PT regimen, Andy’s recovery was remarkably successful. He was back at work within three months and kayaking, lifting weights and biking after six months.

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