“Knee Resurfacing Surgery was a game changer for me”

Posted on Oct 13, 2016, by

Rich Voakes

“Knee Resurfacing Surgery was a Game Changer for Me”

Rich is a passionate competitive bowler. But a couple of years ago, his knee was so painful he thought he’d have to quit bowling completely.

“Most of the strain is on the left knee when you bowl, and my left knee hurt so much that I couldn’t even carry my ball bag. I went to three different doctors, and they told me I was too young for a knee replacement – they just gave me drugs.

“I was at a crossroads in my life… continue with my passion or quit altogether. I didn’t think I had an option until I saw Dr. Tsai.

“Dr. Tsai suggested knee resurfacing which is basically a ‘mini’ knee replacement. He only replaced the section of my knee that was worn out and left the rest of my knee intact. I had surgery on Friday and by Monday, I was in rehab. My whole recovery was a breeze.

“Within a month of surgery, I was walking without a limp and was bowling within the year. Today, I’m bowling better than ever. My very first week back I bowled a 300 game!

“Dr. Tsai was the perfect doctor for me. When I first met him, he knew I was really frustrated and told me that he’d find a good solution for me – and he did. Dr. Tsai explained everything in detail for me because I wanted all the information I could get. And his bedside manner was great.”



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