[Release] Hip Implants At Kennedy Center Are Safe and Long-Lasting

Posted on May 26, 2014, by

There has been a great deal of controversy in the past year about the recall of Johnson & Johnson’s
DePuy Orthopedics hip.

We want our patients to know that the Kennedy Center has never used the DePuy hip implants for
total hip replacement or hip resurfacing.

The Kennedy Center uses the Taperloc femoral component, which was originally designed by Dr.
William Kennedy and more recently modified by Dr. Jeffrey McLaughlin, the Kennedy Center’s
medical director. The Taperloc femoral component is the most successful titanium hip
replacement in the world. Our studies show that even after 26 years, Kennedy Center’s Biomet
hips are still going strong.

In 2010, Dr. McLaughlin was invited to prestigious Orthopaedic Societies around the world to
present the Kennedy Center’s 26-year experience with the Taperloc titanium stem. Dr. McLaughlin
has presented these results at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the Japanese Hip
Society, the Harvard Hip Symposium and the European Hip Society.

With loosening as the statistical endpoint, 99% of these implants survived for 26 years. These
results included diverse patient groups including young, old, highly active and overweight patients.

Based on these outstanding, long-term results, you can trust the hip replacement or hip
resurfacing that you receive from the doctors at the Kennedy Center in Oshkosh.

Dr. McLaughlin has personally performed over 15,000 total joint replacements, twice as many as any
other orthopaedic surgeon in Wisconsin.

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