[Release] The Most Successful Hip Replacement in the World

Posted on Jan 26, 2014, by

The Taperlock Femoral Component, which was developed at the Kennedy Center in Oshkosh, is
the most successful hip replacement used in the world today.

Originally developed by Dr. William Kennedy, the hip replacement system has been refined and
improved over the past 17 years by the Kennedy Center’s medical director, Jeffrey McLaughlin, MD.

According to Dr. McLaughlin, “An FDA study begun in 1983 shows that over 90% of the Center’s
first 145 cementless titanium total hip replacements are still going strong. We’re confident that we’ve
designed a hip replacement that patients can depend on for many years. The past 26 years of
ongoing research and development in prosthetic joints at the Center has produced outstanding
success rates for younger patients as well as those challenged by obesity.”

Dr. McLaughlin has performed more than 15,000 total hip and knee replacements and has presented
over 100 papers at national and international medical conferences on the outstanding results of the
Taperlock Femoral Component.

Dr. McLaughlin’s philosophy of patient care remains the same as when he came to Wisconsin 18
years ago. That is: use the best hip and knee replacements available; surround yourself with the best
staff possible; and treat every patient as though they were a member of your family.

It is this commitment to patient care excellence which has made the Kennedy Center the largest hip
and knee replacement center in Wisconsin.

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