Dr. Willa Fornetti Gains New Knowledge and Skills at National Sports Medicine Conference

Posted on May 4, 2016, by

FullSizeRender-2-225x300 In mid-April, the Kennedy Center’s Dr. Willa Fornetti atte nded the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) in Dallas, TX.

AMSSM is a group of 3,000 physicians across the United States that specializes in the treatment of non-surgical orthopedics and the care of athletes and active patients. Participants at the conference this year celebrated the 25th anniversary of AMSSM with presentations from the founding members who spoke about how the practice of sports medicine has evolved and their hopes for the future of healthcare.

Physician speakers from all over the country presented current literature and evidence based recommendations on topics ranging from back pain, knee injuries, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular screening in athletes, tendonopathy, running medicine, medical problems in the athlete to emerging technologies in imaging.

kc-photo-224x300As always, the conference focused on the latest research in sports medicine and athletes. These included concussion, mental health, cardiac screening and injury treatment and prevention.

Dr. Fornetti completed extra courses: including workshops on treatment of facial injuries and emergencies – which will be invaluable as she is the sideline physician for area football teams. She also completed a course in ultrasound training – a machine that uses sound waves, not radiation, to guide the accuracy of injections.

The final day of the conference was dedicated to a SMART (Sideline Management Assessment and Response Technique) workshop. This was a review of emergency treatment for concussions, neck injuries, dislocated joints and fractures that can occur during sports for athletes, officials and spectators.

FullSizeRender-3-300x168 (1)Dr. Fornetti explains that these annual national conferences serve two purposes: first to stay knowledgeable about current practices and the most up to date research and also to connect with other physicians and colleagues around the country. “It’s the sharing of knowledge and patient care experiences which we bring back to our own communities that better help our patients.”

Congratulations to Dr. Fornetti. We’re lucky to have her on the Kennedy Center team with the knowledge and skill she brings to her patients.

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